Our Portfolio

As on 30 June 2018, the portfolio of NIDF comprises six infrastructure loans aggregating 11.066 billion Naira.

Their sectoral distribution was as follows:

Portfolio Analysis

Fixed vs. Floating Rate
Floating rate100%
tenor of infrastructure loans
5-10 years10%
security ranking
Senior Loan10%

development impact

NIDF seeks to make a positive and demonstrable impact on the overall economic and social well-being of Nigeria and Nigerians. It does so by supporting infrastructure projects across geographical regions as well as sectors of the economy that;

1. add to the economy’s productive capacity;
2. provide or support livelihoods (i.e. employment);
3. contribute to the achievement of social and human development goals;
4. improve the environment through reduction or mitigation of pollution.
Accordingly, NIDF seeks to measure the following development outcomes as a result of its activities:

1. Addition to Nigeria’s infrastructure stock and output delivered
2. Mobilisation of capital for infrastructure development
3. Employment supported – Direct and indirect
4. Greenhouse gases emission reduction and gas flaring reduction.

During 2017, the infrastructure loans provided by NIDF achieved the following development outcomes:


Total Returns

Since its inception, NIDF has delivered total returns of 29.7% (as on 30 June 2018). The total cash distribution during the period to 30th June 2018 aggregated 17.05 Naira per Unit.

distribution information

Distribution frequency Quarterly
Last distribution 4.40 Naira per Unit (Q2 2018)